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Plasmapps and Bari University at XXI AIV Congress, Catania, 15th-17th May 2013

XXI AIV CONGRESS,  Catania,  15-17 May 2013

Museo  Diocesano, Catania

The XXI AIV Congress will focus on the latest innovations regarding the materials, the processes and the advanced devices. Particular attention will be given to “Horizon 2020”, the EU’s new programme for research and innovation to increase the competitiveness of Europe. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an €80 billion budget.


The Congress will focus on the following topics:
  • Plasma industrial applications.
  • Composite materials for high temperature applications.
  • Bio interfaces, cells/materials interactions, bio medical applications, nano-bio materials, micro fluid, bioelectronics.
  • Fuel cells, hydrogen storage, membranes, electrodes and electrolytes.
  •  Solar radiation conversion, nanostructured organic and inorganic materials, photo- electro- chemical production of hydrogen.
  • Renewable energies: technologies and systems for the distributed generation and intelligent use of energy, new applications, technological development and industrial opportunities.
  • Photovoltaic: new technologies and products innovation to achieve the grid-parity.
  • Large physics facilities, perspectives for research and industry.
  • Big International projects: fusion, research and industrial connections, the ITER/DEMO technology.
  • Micro-Nano engineered surfaces and their applications.
  • Thin-film technologies and their applications..
  • Vacuum technologies, materials, process and devices



Plasmapps @SmartPlastics2021

Finalmente di nuovo in presenza! Anche per questa edizione Plasmapps sarà Gold Sponsor dello #SmartPlastics2021. Vi aspettiamo il 10 e 11 novembre presso il Museo Storico Alfa Romeo ad Arese (MI).